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Teaching and Learning Series

How is Employability Best Taught and Learnt? The Latest Pedagogic Thinking in our Field

Who is best placed to teach employability? The multiple stakeholders in our field 

Designing and delivering an employability module? What's the best practice? 


Fundamentals of Career Registration Series

Designing, Planning and Delivering Careers Registration in record time

Careers Registration for Postgraduates

Using Registration Data in Employment Engagement


Building Strategic Relations Series

 Are you influencing as well as you could? A review of influencing tactics to harness your many stakeholders

Deal or no deal? A review of negotiation strategies you can apply with academic and employer contacts

Who are your stakeholders? An audit of your potential stakeholders and ideas on how to start building key relationships


Employer Engagement Series

 How can EE staff best engage with careers consultants and information professionals



Wellbeing Series

Self kindness: How to help clients be less mean to themselves

Heads, Academics, Colleagues, Students: How to manage multiple expectation overload

 Being an employability expert: How to recognise imposter syndrome and manage it


Application Advisor Series

 How to give feedback clients will really listen to: A review of feedback approaches for Application Advisers


Sector Insights Series

 Insights into...Careers in Law - The Essentials 

Insights into...Careers in Investment Banking



Research Unit Series

HE Careers - Policy, Politics and Predictions: An update on key developments e.g TEF, LEO, new DLHE 


Social Media Series    

Copyright: Giving credit where it’s due


Using Social Media in your Careers Services

Using social media for your Personal Development  


Supporting your students with social media in their careers & job search    
Social Media Strategy    

Innovative use of technology


Brilliant Blogging


Finding and evaluating content online




Information Professionals Series    

Effective diagnostic questioning technique


How to deal with difficult clients and requests

Digital Literacy for Information Officers  


Technology Audit    



Donated Webinars

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Employability Series    



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Employability embedded: How can we build employability into the curriculum?


Link  PDU8976

Employability international: what lessons can we learn from overseas HEIs?


Link  PDU4224

 Employability and widening participation: what does the research tell us?




Employability and alumni: are you maximising this relationship within your institution? *


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Employability and parental influence: what’s our role in helping students and parents navigate career choice? 


Link PDU2801


Employability assessed: how can we measure and grade employability skills? *



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Employability and Academic Assessment*



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Engagement Series    
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Employer engagement: Graduate recruitment is changing – are you up to speed? 


Link PDU5477

Student engagement: Encouraging career resilience – how can we make our students more anti-fragile?


Link PDU6802

Guidance engagement: Unconscious career decision making – how are you working with your client’s ‘gut instinct?


Link PDU2759

Stakeholders  engagement: Yes, but what actually works? – how are you measuring the impact of our employability delivery?


Link PDU4574

Professional development engagement: Impostor syndrome – why and how should you address it? *


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Research Toolkit    
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How to find and read a relevant research paper



Link PDU7507

Conducting a Literature Review


Link PDU8131

Choosing your research topic and formulating your research questions.


Link PDU2455

Introduction to Data Analysis


Link PDU3369

Data Collection for Careers Services


Link PDU3106

 Writing for publication

Link   PDU2961



Miscellaneous Webinars    
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Advising Science Students on Careers and Employability

Link PDU9823

Unconscious bias 

Link PDU3831
How to create and deliver a good webinar content  Link PDU4623
Introduction to DLHE Link PDU2958
League Tables Link PDU2729















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