Policies and Statements

Policies and statements 



Privacy policy


Use and storage of your personal information

When you supply any personal information to The Careers Group, University of London (for example, membership services or to register to receive JobAlerts by email) we have legal obligations towards you in the way we deal with that data.

We must collect the information fairly, that is, we must explain how we will use it (see the notices on particular pages that let you know why we are requesting the information) and tell you if we want to pass the information on to anyone else.

In general, any information you provide to The Careers Group will only be used within The Careers Group and by its service providers. It will never be supplied to anyone outside The Careers Group without first obtaining your consent, unless we are obliged or permitted by law to disclose it. This applies to your name, email addresses, personal information and any email correspondence.

Also, if you post or send offensive or inappropriate content anywhere on or to The Careers Group or otherwise engage in any disruptive behaviour on The Careers Group website, and The Careers Group considers such behaviour to be serious and/or repeated, The Careers Group can use whatever information that is available to it about you to stop such behaviour. This may include informing relevant third parties such as your employer, college or email provider about the content and your behaviour.

We will hold your personal information on our systems for as long as you use the service you have requested, and remove it in the event that the purpose has been met, or, in the case of JobAlert registration, you no longer wish to continue your registration.

For safety reasons, however, The Careers Group may store messaging transcript data (including message content, member names, times and dates) arising from the use of The Careers Group services for a period of six months. Where personal information is held for people who are not yet registered but have taken part in other services (for example, competitions), that information will be held only as long as necessary to ensure that the service is run smoothly.

We will ensure that all personal information supplied is held securely, in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

If you are notified on The Careers Group website that your information may be used to allow The Careers Group to contact you for 'service administration purposes', this means that The Careers Group may contact you for a number of purposes related to the service you have signed up for.

For example, we may wish to provide you with password reminders or notify you that the particular service has been suspended for maintenance. We will not contact you for promotional purposes, such as notifying you of improvements to the service or new services on The Careers Group website unless you specifically agree to be contacted for such purposes at the time you submit your information on the website, or at a later time if you sign up specifically to receive such information.



A cookie is a small amount of data, which often includes an anonymous unique identifier that is sent to your browser from a website's computer and stored on your computer's hard drive. Your hard drive will store the cookie until it expires or until it is deleted.

The Careers Group website uses session cookies. This means that when you close your browser, the cookie will disappear. It's only purpose is to maintain your login if you log into your account with us. Therefore, no personally identifiable information is stored in the cookie, only a randomly generated unique identifier allowing you to use our site more efficiently.

The Careers Group also uses cookies that remain on your machine with an expiry date and can be removed. They are there to ensure a good user experience and do not collect information about you. These include:

  1. A cookie to check if you have javascript enabled on your machine. We use javascript to provide additional features to our website. This cookie makes sure you can still see all the relevant information on the page if you do not have it enabled.
  2. A cookie to check if you have seen the privacy policy pop-up.
  3. The following cookies used by Google Analytics: analytics.js (_ga, _gat) ga.js (__utma, __utmt, __utmb, __utmc, __utmz, __ utmv) 

www.allaboutcookies.org allows you to check what cookies have been set and how to manage and delete them.



The Careers Group also embed relevant YouTube videos which use cookies to collect information. Cookies can be used to store data about the user's computer or the user watching a video. YouTube uses cookies to help maintain the integrity of video statistics, prevent fraud and to improve the site experience, among other things. YouTube use cookies on both youtube.com and on videos embedded from youtube.com.

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Copyright statement

Everything on this website, including all content, images, video and other media herein contained, is copyright of The Careers Group, University of London.

No part of this website may be copied without written consent from The Careers Group. Media downloaded from The Careers Group is for personal use, and may not be made available by any third party on any other website or any other media format without written consent from The Careers Group.


Third party sites and vacancies

The Careers Group, University of London, and all its subscribing College careers services, make every effort to ensure organisations listed in our information websites, emails, noticeboards and publications are bonafide.

However, we are unable to verify details in their entries and cannot guarantee their accuracy. We strongly recommend you check fully before applying in all cases.

We are unable to individually verify the details of vacancies posted to JobOnline. However, we will remove any vacancies where it can be demonstrated that the organisation involved is in contravention of UK law. People applying to vacancies posted do so at their own risk and The Careers Group, University of London will not be held liable for any costs or damages incurred by applicants for vacancies posted on our site.

Every effort is made to maintain the accuracy of the information in these pages. However, things change all the time. If you discover any out of date links or you know of other links which should be included on this website, please let us know.


Social networking sites

The Careers Group makes use of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to broaden the range and reach of our services. Please be aware that any information you enter there may be publicly available.

Use the privacy settings available on social networking sites to protect your personal profiles.

Also, be aware that any information you submit to us through those sites will be subject to the Terms of Service and Privacy policies of those sites in addition to our own. 


Liability and support

The Careers Group does not support any media that is downloaded from The Careers Group website, and will not be held liable for any damages incurred from downloading or installing said media.


Web accessibility statement

These pages have been designed with accessibility in mind. The site complies with the Web Accessibility Initiative Guidelines (WAIG) to Double AA Standards.

Most areas of this site conform to the W3C's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0(Priority 1).

  • Sensible use of tables
  • Scalable text
  • Alternative text for all key graphics
  • CSS and XHTML standards compliance

If you have any comments on the accessibility of our website or would like to make suggestions about how we can improve it, please email us.