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JobOnline, the online job board run by The Careers Group, is the place to find your next opportunity.

We have hundreds of full-time, part-time and graduate and undergraduate jobs available in a wide range of sectors from finance and media to IT and construction.

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Additional ways to develop your career prospects


Careers fairs can be the key to find a graduate job

Attend graduate recruitment fairs

Attending career fairs and postgraduate study fairs are an excellent way to speak to employers face-to-face and hear more about the opportunities that they have.

The Careers Group put on London's largest and best graduate recruitment fairs.

Chat at a careers centre

Visit your careers centre

If you are studying or have recently graduated, visit your careers centre to gain a wealth of advice on a range of career and postgraduate study related topics. In a careers centre you can normally:

> Attend career development workshops
> Book one-to-one appointments with an experienced careers consultant
> Receive access to exclusive resources
> Explore all the options available to you


Available across devices

Use online resources

If you are a student or recent graduate from a University of London college you have access to a number of online resources, including an interview simulator, blogs and an online careers library called Careers Tagged.

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The Careers Group offers employers a uniquely qualified talent pool.

From interns to graduates to executives, The Careers Group, University of London is the perfect source of talent. Our wide range of courses and colleges means that you can attract the right students and graduates as well as raising your company profile.


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