How we work


We are an internship and recruitment agency, working exclusively with companies who wish to expand their employment opportunities to graduates. Through a clever mix of advertising, filtering, experience and the hottest recruitment techniques, we maximise internships in a range of companies to make sure both both the intern and company benefits.

Here's how we do it.

Tell us your requirements

1. Our expert consultants will talk with you about the requirements for the position(s).

We advertise to thousands

2. We create job adverts, contact our extensive database of students and graduates, and advertise the opportunities on a wide variety of appropriate job boards.

We also liaise with universities offering relevant courses to ensure we have the best candidate pool possible.

We pre-screen candidates

3. Our experienced team will screen all applicants thoroughly and provide you with a shortlist of ideal candidates.

We arrange the interview

4. You tell us who you want to meet and we arrange the interview time for you and the candidate.

We organise the start date

5. Once you've decided on the perfect person for the role, we liaise with the successful candidate and organise a start date.

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