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The University of Greenwich approached The Careers Group to manage the DLHE survey collection and to develop a bespoke strategy to maximise returns. Our team undertook a thorough analysis of the universities response rates and recommended a move away from paper based to telephone collection.

The call-centre staff were specifically briefed to dig deep in terms of questioning thus avoiding graduates being incorrectly coded as 'assumed to be unemployed' if they are, for example, doing any unpaid work. 

University of Greenwich's response rate improved as a result of outsourcing the operation: the 2009/10 DLHE survey was our first year of outsourcing to The Careers Group and the response rate for the HESA Employment Performance Indicator (EPI) group was 81.8% compared to 79.5% in 2008/09. Additionally the EPI unemployment rate went down by 3 percentage points.


"If your institution is looking to outsource the full DLHE operation, then you can feel confident that The Careers Group will deliver a professional service to meet your requirements."

- Ed Paxton, Destinations Manager, University of Greenwich


"We have found the product provides excellent value for money and is fit for purpose.

"It is also helping us to better understand the factors that impact employability such as gender."

- Paula Clark, Careers Service Manager, University for the Creative Arts



The University for the Creative Arts wanted a tool that would enable them to access a rich tapestry of information on the complex early career paths of their creative arts graduates. They wanted a solution that would meet the different needs of their stakeholders, including academic staff and prospective students.

The client's objective was to engage academic departments to convey the value of careers interventions to decision makers. Our team trained senior staff to use our digital reporting tool to create charts and tables which significantly improved the level of reporting to executive level that previously was unavailable.


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