Seven easy steps to accurate DLHE collection



Our Dlhe framework


Our DLHE collection means it's easy for you to fufill your obligations as a higher education institution.

1. You give us your leavers' contact details.

2. We validate the information, ensuring the contact details are usable.

3. We contact leavers via email, phone or postal surveys and begin collecting the DLHE data.

4. We send regular updates on progress, with real-time feedback.

5. We begin analysing your data, and using our custom-built online tool, you can analyse your results in just a few clicks.

6. We have a final consultation with you before submitting the data.

7. After you've given the final seal of approval, we submit the coded data to HESA.



Our online tool, Destinations Interactive, will you help you analyse your data. Visualise your DLHE results

Explore and analyse your DLHE results with DLHE Essentials, our interactive data visualisation platform.

DLHE Essentials enables your organisation to examine your results with an easy-to-use online dashboard.  You’ll be able to explore the data by a variety of filters that are relevant to your organisation; from popular sectors and the top employers to the leading further education courses and institutions. You can also examine the data by year, department or course.

Our tool will generate reports that will help market your institution and courses to potential students and their parents.

We also offer bespoke services that help you analyse your DLHE survey data even further. The solutions we offer work on a basic to intermediate to expert level. 





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