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Advising Science Students on Careers and Employability 



Unconscious bias 



How to create and deliver a good webinar content 

Link Recorded
Introduction to DLHE Link

Live event

League Tables Link Live event
Self kindness: How to help clients be less mean to themselves  Link Live event


Social Media Series Details & Booking Status 
Giving credit where it’s due Link Recorded
Using Social Media in your Careers Services Link Recorded
Your development: Social media for careers professionals Link  Recorded
Supporting your students with social media in their careers & job search Link Recorded 
Social Media Strategy Link Live event
Innovative use of technology Link Live event
Brilliant Blogging Link Live event
Finding and evaluating content online Link Live event
8 webinars plus the Social media users workshop Link Live event





Employability Series Details &
Employability embedded: How can we build employability into the curriculum? Link Recorded 
Employability international: what lessons can we learn from overseas HEIs? Link  Recorded 
Employability and widening participation: what does the research tell us?  Link  Live event
Employability and alumni: are you maximising this relationship within your institution?  Link  Live event
Employability and parental influence: what’s our role in helping students and parents navigate career choice?  Link  Live event 
Employability assessed: how can we measure and grade employability skills?  Link  Live event
Employability and Academic Assessment  Link  Live event
Package of 7 webinars Link ---


Engagement Series Details &
Employer engagement: Graduate recruitment is changing – are you up to speed?  Link Recorded
Student engagement: Encouraging career resilience – how can we make our students more anti-fragile? Link Recorded
Guidance engagement: Unconscious career decision making – how are you working with your client’s ‘gut instinct? Link cancelled, for information please send e-mail
Stakeholders  engagement: Yes, but what actually works? – how are you measuring the impact of our employability delivery? Link 23/02/2017
Professional development engagement: Impostor syndrome – why and how should you address it? Link  20/03/2017
Package of 5 webinars Link ---


Research Toolkit Details &
How to find and read a relevant research paper Link Recorded 
Conducting a Literature Review Link Recorded 
Choosing your research topic: what is known? where are there gaps? Why do we need to know? Link Live event 
Formulating your research questions: Question formulation technics to conduct your Link  Live event
Research design: how do you answer your research questions? Link Live event
Data analysis: what have you got and how should you analyse it? Link Live event
Research Ethics And Intellectual property Link Live event
Writing for publication Link Live event
Package of 8 webinars Link ---



Information Professionals Programme

Being an Information Professional based in a higher education careers service is a role that can be as diverse as it can be demanding. From dealing with initial queries from clients to enhancing the digital output of the service, Information professionals need to be able to demonstrate a range of skills and approaches. Whether you're an experienced IO or someone new to the profession, the Information Professionals' webinar series will help refresh your practice, share your ideas and learn from both the facilitator and each other

Title  Details &
Effective diagnostic questioning technique Link Live event
How to deal with difficult clients and requests Link Live event
Technology audit Link Live event
Digital literacy for Information Professionals Link Live event
Package of 4 webinars + How to work effectively with students workshop Link Workshop


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