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Individual Career support


To book in a session please call 0207 863 6060 or email  

More information about our one-to-one services


Personal development coaching

£160.00 per hour

A personalised session with one of our consultants to help you achieve your goals and make progress in your career.


Career re-entry coaching

£160.00 per hour

We will help you to think about how to get up to speed, boost your confidence and take appropriate steps to get back into the job market. 


Career transformation coaching

£160.00 per hour

Career Transformation Coaching will enable you to evaluate your current position, examine alternative options and assess the practicality of making a move. 


Redundancy risk coaching          

£160.00 per hour 

Redundancy Risk Coaching will enable you to cope better with the uncertainty by helping you to take more control of your career choices.



£65.00 per half hour 

Our e-advice service allows you to receive feedback on your CV, cover letter or application form wherever you are in the world. Please send your CV, covering letter and any other materials to 


Interview Coaching

£160.00 per hour

Comprehensive interview coaching will provide you with the tools and confidence to answer questions and how to show off your skills and achievements to interviewers. 


In depth CV and application coaching

£160.00 per hour 

We offer bespoke advice on your CV, application form or covering letter to ensure that you highlight your potential effectively to employers.


Personality profiling 

This can be used to gain a clearer understanding of your own needs and preferences. A better understanding of these can help you identify more clearly the critical factors that will determine how satisfying a future option is likely to be.