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Our Values 

We won't sell you what you don't need.
We believe that people are more likely to keep working with you in the future if you have a relationship built on trust and honesty. Because of that we tell our potential clients up front if we can't do what they want or if we are not the best people for the job. We will also try to stop clients spending money on things that are unlikely to benefit them, even if they were going to give that money to us.

We question things.
We like asking lots of questions. Partly, this is because we don't believe there's much benefit in standardised, simplistic answers. We like to understand our clients' situations as thoroughly as we can. We also like to ask awkward questions that make our clients think more deeply about what they really want. That way we increase the chances that we will be able to provide effective, targeted help.

We like developing our clients.
We like helping our clients to become better at what they do. Tempting as it is to keep a client dependent on you, we believe that our job is to equip people to solve their own problems effectively. We do have some clients who come back to us again and again for the same type of support, but we get a great buzz from helping a client to transform themselves in order to move on.

We like to stretch ourselves.
We have our areas of knowledge and expertise, but we like to use that expertise in innovative ways. Rather than trotting out the same old stuff, we enjoy adapting what we do to the specific needs of our clients. This often involves quick thinking and quick learning. That's why our clients often ask us to work on issues that are a bit outside our normal remit; they know we are flexible and creative.

We're not just in it for the money.
What we try to do is make sure that our clients gain value from the help we give them at a price they can afford and that we don't lose out in the process. We are always interested in discussing different ways in which we and our clients can gain mutual benefits from working together.

We like ongoing relationships rather than one-off jobs.
Don't get us wrong; we'll take one-off jobs if we think we can do them well. However, we have found that we can add much more value by working in close partnership with our clients over the long term. This is more satisfying for us and for the client.


We provide bespoke skills training and professional development courses to organisations and individuals. We have over 15 years of experience in professional development training and we work in a wide range of sectors. Last year we delivered over 140 training sessions for professional bodies and over 300 hours of one-to-one career development guidance. Our goal is to make organisations and the individuals within them more successful.


Please contact Dan Hughes at 020 7863 6062 for more information. 


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