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 Most of The Careers Group team are located permanently in our member institutions. You can find information on our careers services here. Below you can find information on our central team.









Dr. Bob Gilworth

Director of The Careers Group at the University of London and Director of Research for the Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services (AGCAS)


Dr. Bob Gilworth is responsible for setting overall strategy for the Group as well as leading the Senior Management Team. Bob works with the Head of each member careers service and senior stakeholders in member institutions to support their employability objectives and ensure that The Careers Group supports the requirements and strategic aims of all its members.

At UK level, Bob sits on the Board of AGCAS (Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services) and on the Research Group of the AGR (Association of Graduate Recruiters). He is regularly approached by institutions to be an external member of senior appointing panels and institutional reviews and by government and related agencies for expert input into research and policy discussions relating to graduate employability. The latter includes involvement in the group taking forward the ‘new DLHE’ and leading a HEFCE Learning Gain pilot project.  Bob is an elected Fellow of NICEC.










Laura MacKenzie

Strategic Projects Manager

Laura works with the Director and Senior Management Team to develop policies or implement projects that will develop or strengthen The Careers Group as a member organisation. She coordinates Group-wide collaborative purchasing on behalf of member institutions in negotiations with key partner organisations and suppliers, and manages various projects that affect some or all member Services, including external quality accreditation. She is also the liaison point for some of the University of London teams who support the work of The Careers Group. Laura has a background in careers and employability, working as a careers consultant in different universities and then as a Head of Service for The Careers Group before taking up her current role. 

David Winter

Head of Research and Organisational Development

 David’s role is to enable The Careers Group achieve its mission of making our member services the best they can be by putting in place strategies, structures and systems that encourage excellence. This involves developing our capacity to undertake and apply research to our activities, encouraging ongoing professional development and sharing of best practice, and ensuring that we have up-to-date resources and innovative methods for delivering our services. In practice, that means he spends a lot of time finding ways to make it easier for talented but busy people to do things that increase their expertise.


 Victoria Wade

Head of Education Consultancy

Having started as a careers consultant in 2011 Victoria now works as Head of College Careers Service for Education Consultancy. The role includes the leadership and strategic management of each Education Consultancy Careers Service and line managing a team of nine careers consultants, two project staff and two contractors.  Victoria also builds and maintains relationships with institutional stakeholders and works in conjunction with the team to ensure that they provide the best, student-focused services for institutions. Victoria is a part of The Careers Group Senior Management Team and also run central projects such as The Great Grad Job Hunt.




Laura Brammer

Senior Careers Consultant

 Laura has been with The Careers Group for 12 years and works as a senior careers consultant based within the Research Unit at The Careers Group. As well as providing one to one careers guidance to clients, Laura designs and delivers a diverse programme of professional development webinars which are aimed at enhancing the evidence-based practice of colleagues across The Careers Group. Laura also produces useful summaries of relevant research within the employability sphere, and conducts original pieces of research to be published and shared across the sector. Laura also instructed a part of The Careers Group’s (and world’s) first careers and employability MOOC.


Fiona Cobb

Research Coordinator (HEFCE Learning Gain Project) - Research Unit


Fiona works as the Careers Registration Research Project Coordinator, for a 3-year HEFCE funded pilot project to investigate the use of Careers Registration as a measure of learning gain in relation to work readiness. A consortium of 16 institutions are adding 2-4 careers focused questions to compulsory student registration and re-enrolment to track progress in career thinking and employability. 

Fiona also works in the Research Unit, offering research support and guidance to TCG colleagues interested in using research to enhance their practice. Previous experience includes working on higher education research projects, focusing on topics such as retention, widening participation, and inclusion. 


Chris Donaldson

 Events officer-University Taster Course Programme 

Chris administers the applications and promotion of the University Taster Course Programme on behalf of the colleges of the University of London. The taster courses are aimed at sixth form students and provide them with an opportunity to try one of over 200 taster courses before they apply to university. Chris has worked for The Careers Group for just over 9 years and since starting in 2007 the taster course programme has grown and changed considerably. He quickly moved it from a paper and postal based service to being fully online with applications vastly increasing over the years - in 2007 the programme received just 6,457 unique applications compared to 18,185 in 2016.




Catherine Dyer

Executive Assistant to Bob Gilworth

 Catherine’s role is to directly support Dr Bob Gilworth, Director of The Careers Group at the University of London, by servicing regular Senior Management Team meetings, organising briefings for Senior Stakeholders and scheduling an incredibly packed and diverse diary for Bob. Catherine’s role also includes event management from regularly organising resources and assisting external colleagues to creating an inviting early retirement party that included live jazz musicians.

Catherine has come from an arts background, loves working in Senate House, and has worked for The Careers Group for 18 months.


Sanda Ionescu

Professional Development Manager

Sanda Ionescu is responsible for meeting all the training and development needs of everyone working within the careers services. This includes helping with professional qualifications, inductions, external and internal courses, as well as organising webinars. She has a background in learning and development for all functions and age groups, having previously worked as a school teacher, university lecturer, executive coach, workshop facilitator, webinar presenter, and HR researcher and leadership development consultant.

 Sanda studied Modern Languages for her undergraduate degree and Social Anthropology for her postgraduate degree, but decided she wanted to share her passion for learning with more than just the six people who read her obscure Ph.D. thesis (three of them examiners).

Zita Kalman

HR Liaison Officer


Zita's role involves the administration of staff recruitment activities in consultation with the University of London HR Department, creating and planning induction of new staff and arranging induction training programmes, recruiting and booking freelancers to work for The Careers Group, and supporting the Professional Development Unit.

 Zita has an MSc in Human Resources Management and worked as a theatre sound engineer for 11 years with Hungary’s leading musical theatre, working on shows such as Cats, Phantom of the Opera, and Chicago. Zita has been with The Careers Group since 2015.




Rosalind Kemp

Information Officer


As part of the Content & Information team Rosalind supports colleagues across The Careers Group with careers information, technology and social media. She’s responsible for The Careers Group’s content on websites, social media and our online careers library Careers Tagged, and also for investigating external content producers that could be beneficial to our members. Rosalind is especially interested in technologies, and ways of using them, that can help careers staff do their jobs better. To this end she’s involved in training careers staff in technology and social media both within The Careers Group and externally working with AGCAS.


Marc Lane

Commercial Services Officer

Marc’s role includes contacting employers to invite them to advertise vacancies to students and graduates and then support them through the process of using the system. Marc also makes sure adverts comply with both employment law and The Careers Group policies.

Marc comes from a career in sales, selling everything from windows and doors to professional journals to conference event tickets. One of his greatest successes while at the University has been the initial inflation of and subsequent care for our office’s inflatable dinosaur. He goes by the name Greg Niblett.

Aisha Memon

Communications Services Officer 

 Aisha’s role as Communication Services Officer at The Careers Group, University of London means working on the jobs board JobOnline, liaising with employers, ensuring adverts comply with policies and sourcing interesting/quirky vacancies such as being a Doorkeeper at the House of Commons or Human Strawberry for the London Farmers’ Market. Aisha also looks after the invoicing administration. Aisha’s proudest moment is asking for a bee hive and the University getting two hives as a result. Despite working at The Careers Group for 10 years, Aisha is still working her way through Senate House Library’s collection. She has abseiled down it though. 



Donise Perkins

Information Assistant 

Donise works as the Content & Information Assistant based at The Careers Group central office. The role involves working on Careers Tagged, an online resource for our careers staff, making sure the content is kept up to date and helping with improvements to the system as requested. Donise also looks after sections of the staff wiki and manages the main careers group email account. Having worked for The Careers Group for over 38 years in a multitude of roles, Donise is the longest serving member of staff and an invaluable and distinguished colleague. 

Ingrid Ross

Head of Communication Services and Vacancies


Ingrid works as Head of Communication Services and Vacancies at The Careers Group, University of London.  The role involves overseeing the team who deliver JobOnline, The Careers Group’s online job board and the London Taster Course Programme, a programme designed to give year 12 students a taste of what it is like to study a particular subject at university.  Ingrid has worked for The Careers Group for 20 years.  Ingrid describe the best part of her job is the range of jobs the team source for JobOnline, ranging from Hedgehog Officer to a Pokémon Translator.